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Friday, January 4, 2013

Cyber Security Training In India Is Needed

Cyber security in India is crucial for national defence and none can doubt about it. This realisation has come at a time when there are many glaring cyber security problems of India.  Cyber security challenges of India have become so vexing that even the highest level of Indian government has starting talking about it.

However, mere talking is not enough as it is high time for India to act. While acting India must not commit the conventional and classic blunder of procuring hardware and software and assume that its cyber security requirements have been duly met.

There is an urgent need to protect the critical infrastructure of India that is increasingly dependent upon information and communication technology (ICT) these days. Cyber security issues in India like cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, cyber espionage, critical infrastructure protection, etc cannot be ignored by us any more.  

The cyber security reflections of India in the year 2012 showed a poor state of affairs in India. We have no dedicated cyber security laws in India as on date. Indian critical infrastructures are vulnerable to cyber attacks and we must ensure sufficient cyber security for the same. We at Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) are managing some very effective techno legal cyber security in initiatives in India.

In the present interconnected world, cyber security capabilities of India must be urgently developed. In fact, Indian critical infrastructure and cyber security challenges and issues have assumed so much significance that Indian government declared the establishment of National Critical Information Protection Centre (NCIPC) of India. It intends to ensure critical infrastructure protection and critical ICT infrastructure protection in India. 

In these circumstances, nothing is more important than having offensive and defensive cyber security capabilities of India.  The same cannot be acquired till we have techno legal expertise and skills development in India in this regard. At PTLB we are managing the exclusive techno legal cyber security skills development, training and education institution and centre of India. We are also providing lifelong cyber security training and education in India and world wide.

We hope our techno legal skills development, education and training courses would be beneficial for all the stakeholders. If you are interested in the techno legal courses of PTLB, you can fill the application form that can be downloaded from here. Additional information in this regard can be found here.

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