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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cyber Security In India: Its Challenges And Problems

Cyber Security in India is gaining importance day by day. However, the same is not a result of any Cyber Security Policy of India but due to the problems that India is facing. India has for long ignored Cyber Security aspect and this has caused tremendous loss to it. Now Cyber Security Problems of India have reached a stage where if immediate action is not taken, it may cause irreversible and irreparable loss to India.

The chief problem that India is facing from cyber front pertains to threats emanating form Cyber Warfare field. Cyber Warfare against India and its Defences is one area that requires special attention of our Policy Makers. We need a dedicated work force to take care of this sensitive and crucial field.

Another concern that is repeatedly conveyed to Indian Government is that Critical Infrastructure Protection in India is needed. As on date India is not vulnerable to Cyber Attacks targeting Critical Infrastructure of India. However, this is not because India has advance Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Mechanism at place but because India has outdated and ancient Infrastructure at place. The moment modern and ICT enabled Infrastructure would be used by India to support its Critical Infrastructure, the problems of India would increase manifolds.

For instance, the recent power failure of India has raised concerns not only in India but also World wide. Although the power outrage was claimed to be caused due to Defective Power Infrastructure, yet even in modern Power Infrastructure such a situation can occur. Cyber Security of automated Power Grids of India has not been contemplated by Indian Government so far.

Sophisticated Malware like Stuxnet and Duqu have already proved that Critical Infrastructures around the World like Power Grids, Nuclear Facilities, Satellites, Defense Networks, Governmental Informatics Infrastructures, etc are vulnerable to diverse range of Cyber Attacks. The truth is that Cyber Attacks are affecting Indian Critical Infrastructure and we are not even aware of the same.

Another area that must be on “Priority List” of Indian Government pertains to Cyber Terrorism. Cyber Terrorism against India and its Defences and Solutions has not been developed by India so far. This must be done now to prevent any further loss due to activities of Cyber Terrorists against India.

We must develop Cyber Security Capabilities of India as soon as possible. Further, we must also keep in mind the Importance of Cyber Forensics for India. Keeping this in mind, development of suitable Cyber Forensic Investigation Solutions in India are needed to Prevent and Defend various types of Cyber Attacks.

The list is endless and this article is not intended to cover all the aspects of Cyber security Problems of India. However, the top three Cyber Security Problems of India have been discussed by me. I would discuss more in this regard in my subsequent articles.

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