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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cyber Security In India

Cyber security in India has been increasingly seen as prerequisite to protect Indian cyberspace. However, it never remained a priority for Indian government and it always received an indifferent treatment.

Cyber security issues in India cannot be ignored in India any more. Even the Indian government has realised this bitter truth. However, this realisation has still not made much difference towards India’s approach to secure its cyberspace in general and critical infrastructure protection in particular.

The scenario has become more complicated when state actors have also joined the cyber attack scenario. In many cases cyber attacks are launched by state sponsored attackers. Such cyber attacks are more stealth and deadly in nature. At times such attacks also remain undetected for years.

The traditional methodology of securing computers by installing anti virus, firewalls and anti malware tools are also ineffective in such a situation. Although ensuring cyber security in absolute terms is next to impossible yet with patience and adequate cyber security skills development, India can develop cyber security capabilities.

There are many missing links that are hindering in the development of cyber security capabilities in India. Not only India must formulate suitable cyber security policy but India must also actually implement the same.

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