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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

India Moves Ahead In The Direction Of Cyber Command For Armed Forces

In the present times of sophisticated cyber attacks, having a centralised cyber command for armed forces of India is a must requirement. This cyber command has been long due and announcement regarding its establishment have been made by Indian government from time to time. The latest announcement in this regard has been made by India government that a tri service cyber command for Armed Forces of India would be established very soon.

However, as has been rightly pointed out that without implementation everything is just a dream. On the implementation aspect, India is still grappling with the issues like cyber warfare, cyber espionage and cyber terrorism, etc. In these circumstances, a dedicated cyber warfare policy of India (PDF) must be formulated as soon as possible.

The Cyber Security Trends and Developments in India 2013 have shown many glaring cyber security problems (PDF) of India.  Establishment of offensive and defensive cyber security capabilities of India is one of the most prominent requirements of present times.

For too long cyber security issues have been dumped due to bureaucratic red tape. Now once again the bureaucratic process has been set in motion. For crucial issues like cyber security, the bureaucratic process and formalities should be kept at minimum.

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