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Monday, October 22, 2012

Indian Data Security Laws

For long data security in India has been managed by independent contracts between private parties rather than a well founded regulatory framework in India. Till now we have no dedicated data security laws in India. This article is exploring the regulatory environment for data security in India.

Data is the backbone of any society that primarily relies upon information and communication technology (ICT). Protection of data is both the personal and proprietary requirement of various individuals and institutions. This is the reason why data must be secured through techno legal means.

As on date, we have no dedicated Data Privacy Laws In India and Data Protection Law In India. Even a dedicated Privacy Law Of India is missing. There is an urgent need to formulate Techno Legal Data Security Laws In India, Cyber Security Law In India, Privacy Rights And Laws In India, etc. While formulating such laws, we must keep in mind that Privacy Rights In India In The Information Age are different from the traditional privacy requirements.

Data security is closely related to cyber security expertise. Thus, Cyber Security Issues In India need better and focused attention of Indian government as Managing India’s Cyber Security Problems is a very delicate and tedious task. In these circumstances, Indian Data Protection Laws Are Urgently Needed. We cannot ignore data Protection Laws In India and privacy rights in India anymore. Similarly, Encryption Laws And Regulation In India must also be formulated as soon as possible. 

At the national policy levels as well the Indian government has to do lots of hard work. For instance, the Encryption Policy Of India Is Needed. Similarly, an implementable Cyber Security Policy Of India is also need of the hour.

Indian government has also suggested projects and initiatives like National Cyber Coordination Centre (NCCC) Of India, Central Monitoring System (CMS) Project Of India, National Intelligence Grid (Natgrid) Project Of India, etc that would require dealing with the data and information in a constitutional manner.

Clearly data security laws of India are urgently needed. The sooner they would be formulated the better it would be for the interest of various stakeholders in general and national interest of India in particular.

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